Questions by Daryl2010-06-03
ND2700 and MacBook USB bus deactivating on plug-in
If I plug the ND2700 directly into my MacBook (mac os x 10.5) I get a pop up stating that the device is drawing too much power and will be shut down thus not allowing access to the directory (actual text below).  I then have to plugin the power supply which is often difficult when mobile.

"USB port drawing too much power. The device that is plugged into it will be deactivated."

However if I boot the MacBook in windows xp I can plug-in and access without any problems at all. 

Has anyone found a solution to this dilema? Is there anyway to diactivate the warning? It only happens in mac not windows mode. 


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Answer by NextoDI2010-06-04
Dear Sir.

Laptop(Mac Book, Note Book) has functions to save their power.
So sometimes they control and prevent that devices steel power.

to avoid this problem, you change the mount of permission for USB device if the MacBook supports it.

Thank you.
Answer by Chris2010-06-05
Have you tried powered USB hub instead?
Answer by noodlejam2011-01-28
You need one of these. Plug into two USB hubs and it will work fine. Power is drawn by one and data read via other.

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