Questions by telecam2010-05-26
NVS2500 still having XDCAM EX synch problems

I thought this had been fixed in version 2.11 but I am still having sync issues with my external USB drives when backing up XDCAM EX footage. As I described in issue #281, when viewing footage on synched drives using Sony's XDCAM EX Clip Browser app, subsequent sync operations on those drives will duplicate existing folders. I am not changing any of the data on the synched drives, just viewing clips using the Clip Browser app. If I don't use XDCAM EX clip browser to review footage on the synched drives, then Sync works fine. This is a real annoyance. Could you pleae look into this?

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Answer by NextoDI2010-05-31
We are sorry or inconvenience.
Please leave your email for us.
I am going to send an email for more exact answer.

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Answer by Thierry Humeau2011-02-25
Yes please, send your response to Thanks.

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