Questions by Peter Sankey2010-05-07
FW600 connection causes Nexto2500 to shut down
I've got a brand new Nexto 2500 that works perfectly, except when I try to connect it to a computer via Firewire. That causes the Nexto to shut down as soon as it recognizes the connection. USB works fine. Ran both of the self-tests, no bad sectors. Has the latest firmware.

Any thoughts?

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Answer by NextoDI2010-05-07
After connected, if the connection is lost, Nexto Device is off.

the first, it has to be checked about connectiong firewire.
hold the calbe and NVS2500 when they are connected.
or use another computer for test.

If it still doesn't work, you should contact the distributor in your country.

Thank you.

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