Questions by Jorg2010-04-24
ND-2700 backup speed
Hi there,

my ND-2700 came with a Hitachi 160GB HD and I replaced it with a WD 750GB HD. After the HD upgrade I noticed that the backup times have increased significantly (both HD were formatted with the ND2700). On the LCD I get the message "Prepare copy" and it waits for a bit and then starts again while it is copying every minute or so.

Is this normal?

Which HD's are the fastest you have tested?

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Answer by NextoDI2010-04-27
Back-up speed can be changed by factors.
(spec. of hard drive, size of files, etc)

Please let me know your e-mail. I contact you.
Thank you
Answer by NextoDI2010-04-27
We doesn't recommend WD hard drive for Nexto Device.

you can check more information here.

thank you

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