Questions by Jim Chagares2010-04-23
Power connector 2700
What is the end that plugs into the DC power called?. What size is this connector. I am trying to find a USB cable with this type of end on it or a USB adapter to convert one end of a USB cable to this size.

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Answer by NextoDI2010-04-27
the connector's size is 1.4 pi.

Thank you
Answer by Jim Chagares2010-05-04
Sorry, do you know of a cord that is standard usb on one and and will plug into the 2700 DC in? I'm not certain what you mean by pi.
Answer by dr_mat2016-08-02
To second this question, can you provide the inner and outer diameters of the power connector that seems to be standard on the ND range?
I have a ton of USB power devices easily capable of delivering the required 2A and I'd like to leave the mains adapter at home.
Answer by NextoDI2016-08-03
for DC connector (for AC adapter)
the inner diameter is 1.3 pi.
and the external diameter 3.5 pi.

Thank you.

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