Questions by tschnitzlein2010-03-31
ND2525 - compatibility to Nikon Transfer Uploader Software
I use an ND2525, , and it saves CF card contents correctly. However, my camera's uploader software (Nikon Transfer) doesn't recognize the ND2525 and thus refuses to upload and process any image files stored in the image tank. The reason for this is that the ND2525 features a directory scheme and a directory naming concept that does not conform with Nikon Transfer's conventions.

Is there a way to configure the ND2525's directory structure and directory naming scheme so that the image tank can be detected by the Nikon Transfer software?

Configurability would be an enormous bonus, as virtually any automated file uploader software expects a certain directory structure and requires that the image tank meets directory naming conventions.

If you can't change that on the ND2525, then could you please add this kind of configurability to the firmware of any new image tanks that NextoDI is making?

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Answer by Mind2010-03-31
Before transfer, did you try renaming ND2525 image directories to match Nikon Transfer requirements?
Answer by NextoDI2010-03-31
Do you use a software to edit images?

all Nexto Device make same type of drictories.
Please edit the directort name after backinp-up.

We are sorry for inconvinice.
Answer by tschnitzlein2010-03-31
Mind, renaming directory names before card backup doesn't help as ND Ultra always creates its own directories again, and stores images only into its own directories.

NextoDI, thank you for your hint, I will try that next time. This might be a viable workaround.

Yes, I use Nikon Capture NX2 and Photoshop, plus Nikon View NX / Nikon Transfer. Capture NX2 is my default RAW converter, so Nikon Transfer / Nikon View NX / Nikon Capture NX2 is my integrated and highly productive workflow at the beginning of my PP process chain.

However, I would still like to suggest offering cofigurable directory structure & directory naming, as many of the camera makers' uploader programs feature some very useful automatic tagging, renaming and commenting functions that can only be used if an automatic image file upload is possible. This way, NextoDI could offer its users a level of workflow integration that goes far beyond what other competitors could offer.

Renaming directories manually before every single uploading run is a workaround, but not a permanently viable solution.
Answer by tschnitzlein2010-03-31
Said above workflow integration would be such a strong sales argument for me that I would even buy any successor to the ND2525 just for this improvement in usability.
Answer by Mind2010-04-01
My suggestion is to rename ND2525 directories *after* card backup and *before* transfer to PC. ND2525 will make new directories during next backup.

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