Questions by Paris2010-03-28
ND2525 accessories on ND2700

I just bought 2 Nexto eXtrem ND2700 disks. I have an "old" Nexto CF Ultra ND2525.
Can I use the ND2525 cigar jack connector for vehicles on the ND2700 ?

I also have a battery pack to use 4 AA batteries on the ND2525. Can I use it on the ND2700 ?

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Answer by NextoDI2010-03-29
ND2525 uses 12V power. (but ND2700 uses 5v power)
so you must not use the cigar hack connector for ND2700.

but you can use the battery pack.
(please connect it afert ND2700 turn on
if you connect it before, ND2700 can't be turn on)

Thank you
Answer by Mind2010-03-31
Does ND2525 external battery (Li-ion 3.7v 2200mAH) work with ND2700?
Answer by NextoDI2010-03-31
Yes. ND2525 external battery works with ND2700.

the battery(3.7v) works with almost of all nexto device.
(not ND2500, NVS2500)

Thank you
Answer by paris2010-04-03
Thanks for those infos

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