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The person who asked about the NextoDI Extreme 2700 and storing AVCHD files has not received a proper answer. His concern was that the 2700 did not appear to store the AVCHD folder and file structure form an SDHC card. AVCHD files are stored by camcorders inside a root folder called PRIVATE. Will the 2700 copy this folder and all its sub-folders and files?

The AVCHD folder and file structure is listed here:-

A prompt reply would be very helpful, since I have the same query.


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Answer by Nextodi2010-03-09
If your ND2700 doesn't copy from the folder, the ND2700 may be faulty.
ND2700 supports backing up all files from memory card.

if it isn't backed-up, please reformat the memory card.
'FAT32' file structure could be damaged. 2010-03-09

Thank you
Answer by Stephan2010-08-07
I also was just faced with the problem, I think is described here in the other question...actually the problem is not that the files are not copied by the NextoDI 2700 but rather that they by nature of the NextoDI are copied into a folder per card you copy. As a consequence it is not straight forward to import the AVCHD videos into your computer when at home because most import software expects the AVCHD folders in the root directory of the source device and that's where the problem lies. I don't think that this is a NextDI problem but rather a conflict of the concept of an image tank in general and the AVCHD standard....they just go well together.
What do to solve the import problem into my computer is to move the AVCHD folders into the root directory do the import and then move it back (Ctrl-Z) and do the same with the next card stored on my Nexto. And I wait for software that allows to import from a sub directory....

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