Questions by Andy2010-03-03
CF ND 2500 - Blank LCD
The title says most of it.
The device turns on and bleeps, displaying a green light behind the copy button but nothing from the LCD.
Plugging the device into a computer works fine, the drives pop up as usual.

I up and down and up graded the firmware. No Luck.

Any ideas please?
I'm stumpted.

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Answer by NextoDI2010-03-08
It could be caused by connection faulty between LCD and PCB.

You can check the connection if you open the front cover
(you have to remove four screws)

the connection is tpye of clip.
Please reconnect them,

If it still doesn't work, the electronic circuit has to have a repair.

Thank you
Answer by andy2010-03-09
Thank you for getting back to me.

OK tried reconnecting the LCD. Again, nothing. :(

How do I go about getting the circuit repaired?

This was a hand me down present so I do not have the purchasing information to get in touch with the original distributor.

I phoned the UK distributor ( and they advised me to contact your good selves for further advice as to getting costings for repair.

Many thanks
Answer by andy2010-03-14
Update: Tried swapping out the HDD just in case that might have an effect, but no luck.

In the process of eMailing the support team directly about repairs and have asked for an estimate on costs. I will update this when I get a response although the prognosis is that it might well be more expensive than it is worth.
Answer by andy2010-04-01
OK after weeks of going around in circles I finally found out some details.

If anyone wants to get a device repaired in the UK you need to go through the dealer you originally brought it through. No estimates or repair procedure can be initiated directly with the UK branch.

This apparently is to protect the dealers from loss of business that must be a problem through international sellers on eBay and such sites.

I have been unable to get an estimate for the costs to repair my Nexto DI ND2500, but am assured that if I were to go through the hassle of getting hold of original invoices etc, then the repair costs would outweigh the monetary value of the device.

Sad is our world where waste is inadvertently encouraged.
Answer by Chris2010-04-01
Hi, Andy

My name is Chris and I'm here to answer all technical related questions for the Uk & irish customers. We, Nexto DI UK, are not a branch of manufacturer but we are an independent company who import and distribute Nexto ND2700, ND2725 & NVS2500 for the UK and Ireland. Sorry for the confusions.

As I communicated with you over the several emails,

"Nexto DI UK Ltd provides an one-year warranty* and technical support on all NextoDI products (accessories excluded) bought from authorised dealers of Nexto DI UK Ltd. This warranty and technical support does not extend to any products bought from outside the UK, or from any UK-based company other than authorised dealers of Nexto DI UK Ltd.
If you are considering buying a device from outside the UK, or from any UK-based company other than authorised dealers of Nexto DI UK Ltd then read our consumer warning.

When you need to return device(s) for warranty service, you must provide purchase information including the serial number, which is then checked to determine if the unit was sourced through us. If the retailer is not recognised by us, you will be referred back to the retailer from whom you bought the unit. If the retailer is recognized, you will be issued with a unique return authorized number, which you can use to access our free technical phone(or email) support service, or return a product for repair."

Thank you!

Chris Lee
Technical Support Team

Tel: 0208 66 11 005

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