Questions by travelfotografer2010-02-17
ND-2700 Feature Request: Support backup of AVCHD files
Current: ND-2700 does not recognize/backup AVCHD video files stored on SDHC cards by cameras like the Panasonic ZS3/TZ7

Request: Update ND-2700 firmware to recognize and backup AVCHD video files stored on SDHC cards

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Answer by NextoDI2010-02-17
ND2700 supports backing up data from SDHC.

Do you mean the back-up operation using USB cable?
(between ND2700 and Digital Camcorder?)

It is hard to support profetional viedo camera.
(because of the compatiblilty between ND2700 and Camcorder

Please using back-up inserting SDHC.
Answer by travelfotografer2010-02-18
I mean backup from SDHC by inserting SDHC into ND2700. The problem is AVCHD video files are stored in the SDHC card under a root folder called "PRIVATE" and ND2700 does not back up that folder and its sub-folders.

Anyway, the camera is not a professional video camera. It is a regular still camera that can take AVCHD videos and the camera can act as a Mass Storage Device for USB backups.
Answer by NextoDI2010-02-19
Please reformat and retry it.

FAT32 system can be damaged in memory card

When ND2700 makes a back-up from memory card,
it checks and copyies all data regardless of data type.

If it still doesn't work, please let us know the directory structure. we will test it about the process.
Answer by Ian2010-03-02
Has an answer been provided for this question?
Answer by Ian2010-03-02
Here is a link to the AVCHD file structure:-

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