Questions by Harry2010-02-15
ATP Pro 16Gb CF-card, read-error
First-time reading the card into my ND2700: no problem.
After formatting the CF-card in my camera, my ND2700 would not read the card anymore. "MEM Error" it said.

The card is raedable and writable via a normal cardreader on Vista, XP an Win 7 though.

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Answer by NextoDI2010-02-17
please reformat the memory card with PC.(not camera)

If it still doesn't work, please test it again with another SD card.

If all memory cards occur same Error, the SD memory adapter(socket) can be faulty.

Thank you.
Answer by Harry2010-02-17
I have already formatted it with my PC (FAT32), didn't work. So both formatting procedures (PC and Canon 50D), don't work.
My Sandisk CF-cards (1x 2Gb, 2x 4Gb) work perfectly.
Answer by NextoDI2010-02-18
Please give information about the memory card.
We will check the compatibility.
Answer by Harry2010-04-27
ATP ProMax, 16Gb

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