Questions by Luciano M.2010-02-05
Unexpected MEM removal (SD)
Product: Nexto DI Extreme 2700

Repro Steps
1. Turn unit on
2. Insert SD memory card
3. Display message: "detected"
3. Unit displays error message "Unexpected MEM Removal)" and switches off automatically (Bye!)


- Tried with 6 different memory cards, full, empty, reformatted. Error persists
- Firmware is 1.08 (cannot even manage to upgrade via USB!)
- Error message not documented, troubleshooting not available

Please advise


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Answer by NextoDI2010-02-05
does it also occur the error when not inserted SD memory card?
(does it work well if you doesn't insert SD memory card?)

the SD connector could be broken.
It needs to be exchanged.
Answer by lucianom2010-02-06
This occurs only when the SD memory card is inserted.

Can you advise, please on how to exchange it?

Answer by user2010-04-11
contact the dealer where you bought it from.

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