Questions by keith Brown2010-02-04
OTG Error! No Memory

When connecting the NExto Extreme 2700 to a Sony EX1r, I get the following error on the Nexto screen:

OTG Error!
No Memory

then it shuts down. I am at firmware v1.08. I have good USB cables (tested). When I turn on Nexto (or plug in USB after Nexto is powered on), the camera says "USB Mode" and I say 'Execute'. Then I get the error (above) on the Nexto.

Any idea what's happening?

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Answer by NextoDI2010-02-05
ND2700 doesn't support backing up from the professional video camcoders.

ND2725 (Nexto video storage) does support it usint USB connection.

Please check the information.

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