Questions by anna2010-01-27
Hello, I have been thinking of buying this product.
I have some Questions... My dealer said that it is possible to "extend" the memory to 2 Tbytes?
I was going to get the 500 GB version, but what they ment is that I can actually have a 2 TB version??!
I am not so used to technical matters, but for my 2 months travel with a Canon eos 5d Mark II, that I will use both for photo and Video I will need a lot of space to back up the CF cards.(traveling without a computer)
So please correct me if I am wrong.
1) I buy a NVS2500
2) I put in an extra super-big internal harddrive into it? (do I do this myself, is it easy?)
Is this true?
Can I then go on my trip with a possibility to fill the NVS2500 with 2 TB of information?

Please answer soon, I'm soon off on my journey = )


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Answer by NextoDI2010-01-27
NVS2500 operates with 2.5inch hard drive.
and the maximum volume is 500GB. (of 2.5inch hard drive)

the meaning "extend to 2 TB" is that we will support new hard drive has more than 500GB,(until 2TB) if it's released.

if you want to have more 500GB data, you can use "SYNC" function.
(But you have to have an external hard drive, and also it has its AC Power.)

Suyc function : Syncronize the data stored in the NVS2500 and external USB hard disk connected at "eSATA/USB=Host" combo connector via USB cable. Used for backing up daga and making secondary copy of NVS2500.
Answer by Mind2010-01-27
NVS2500 uses 2.5" notebook hard drive.
Your dealer means "maximum" size is 2TB.
Largest common size available now is 500GB.
(640GB & 1TB not easy to find)
When larger size is available, you may change easily.

Your journey will come before larger size! =)
Answer by user2010-04-01
If you disassemble the nvs2500 and upgrade the internal hdd to another one, it will remove your rights of warranty
Answer by Ziv Tal2011-06-02
Hi, what max volume size I can put today (firmware 1.30), and it's metter if it's SSD or HDD ?

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