Questions by telecam2010-01-23
NVS2500 Sync not seeing existing folders

I am synching my NVS2500 with an extenal USB drive that already has a folder named 20100120.000 and that folder is being recopied over.

Any idea why? I thought the all idea of Sync was to do incremental backups.


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Answer by NextoDI2010-01-27
Please check the folder name(restored in USB hard drive).
It could be 20100120.001.

it measns that they have the same floder name, but the data in the drectoris are different. so NVS2500 makes a new folder and copy the data.

If they have the same data, NVS2500 doesn't make a copy.

Thank you.
Answer by telecam2010-01-29
I understand how sync is supposed to work but in my case and as described above, the NVS2500 does not seem to recognized folders that have already been synched. I will run more tests and will report back.

Answer by telecam2010-03-13
I updated from 1.06 to 1.10 and still experience the problem with existing folders being duplicated when using Sync. Here is a rundown of the latest occurance:

- Day 1, Shoot first 32GB SxS card
- XCopy to NVS (folder shows in NVS as 20100308.000)
- Sync to Drive A (G-Tech Mini USB), folder properly synched
- Sync to Drive B (G-Tech Mini USB), folder properly synched
- Day 2, Shoot second 32GB SxS card
- XCopy to NVS (folder shows in NVS as 20100309.000)
- Sync to drives A and B, folder properly synched
- Day 3, Shoot third 32GB SxS card
- XCopy to NVS (folder shows in NVS as 20100312.000)
- Sync to Drive A. Folders 20100308.000 and folder 20100309.000 are duplicated and showed up as 20100308.001 and 20100309.001. Folder 20100312.000 is properly synched to both drives.

This is really annoying, I just cannot trust the Sync function which aside from XCopy is the most valuabe feature on the NVS. Could you please investigate? Maybe this could be an issue with the new SxS-1 32GB cards? I can reproduce the problem consistently.

Please help.

Answer by telecam2010-03-13
I forgot to add that after performing syncs, I usually use Sony's EX Clip Browser to check my synced drives to make sure all the clips transferred properly. Could this be the culprit? Could the EX Clilp Browser make subtle changes in the BPAV folders or metadata files creation dates that could confuse the NVS2500 Sync protocol?
Answer by telecam2010-04-08
Great, I see that this seems to have been addressed in 2.11 release.

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