Questions by Nace2007-06-23
ND 2300 full verification

when I want to verify transfered data, it doesn't show menu for chosing sampling or full. It just starts with sampling. How can I choose full verification?

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Answer by Nace2007-06-23
Firmware version is 1.22
Answer by NextoDI2007-06-25
In ND2300, there used to be two mode in verify function.
One is [sample verify] and the other is [full verify].
[sample verify] is the method of checking the opening 128kb each files and [full verify] is the method ‘literally’ full of each files.
If you chose [full verify], it takes HUGE tile to verify.
So, we deleted full verify function since f/w v1.22(latest) because it was only NOMINAL
Answer by Nace2007-06-27
could you at least create more detailed option, if full is to slow. for example, to take 128kb on the start, 128kb on the end and two times 128kb in the middle. I think it would be pretty fast, and it would be much more secure.

I bought nexto since it featured full verification. i understand that you removed it if it was slow, but, could you please replace it with faster, but still safe option?
Answer by NextoDI2007-06-27
It is due to the verification method. ND2300 verify the data by software mode. and In ND2300, for the limit of CPU capacity, it is very difficult to make detail mode of verification.
But, Our Professional model ND2525 has the harware mode verification. So, there is not the symptom like ND2300.
Answer by R&D2007-07-07
Interesting suggestion.
We'll check if we can find more secure while better safty option including your suggestion.
Answer by Baumi2007-07-08
Does the new M1 ND-2325 support full verification?

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