Questions by Mind2009-12-22
5400 vs. 7200 rpm w/ ND-2700
5400 vs. 7200 rpm drive

Is there performance difference?
Is there battery life difference?

Does Nexto ND-2700 ship with 5400 or 7200 drive?

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Answer by NextoDI2009-12-22
the 'rpm' means the platters' spin speed.

so 7200 rpm drive has faster read/ write speed than 5400 rpm.

and we don't service any hard drive into nexto series.
when we send then to our distributors, hard drive is not included our package.

the distributor insert hard drive for convinience.

Thank you
Answer by rgibbons2009-12-27
I asked this question to support half a year ago. The answer was a 5% increase for the faster drive. The newer drives tend to use the faster rpm, and newer chips with lower voltage and power saving modes. So it is possible to find a 7200 drive with the same power as a 5400 drive. But all other things the same 7200 is faster, noisier, more power, more money. If you are lucky, the seller will tell you the model of the drive inside, and you can compare the specs. If not, you will be blindly guessing.

Answer by Mind2009-12-28
Thank you for the replies.

If the 7200 uses more power, but transfers/verifies faster, they maybe about equal for battery life.

Not sure how much time a 7200 would save when using a 30MB/s 32GB CF card.

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