Questions by Mikycoud2009-12-15
ND2700+lcd screen not aligned
Just received my ND2700 and immediately noticed that the LCD screen is not properly aligned with the cutout in the aluminium frame. It's about 2mm too high, so I can see some of the circuits board. Also, it is definetely not parallel to the glass cover on the frame (ie: the left side of the screen is about 2 mm away from the glass cover, whereas the right side dives into the device a little deeper, about 4 mm). It means that the LCD is at an angle when I look at it.
I just wanted to know if others have alignment issues and therefore if that's within manufacturer's tolerances, or if I was unlucky and got a damaged item?
(other than that, the device is working properly)
Thanx for any input.

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Answer by NextoDI2009-12-17
We are sorry for inconveionce.

the works about LCD are progressed by hand-crafted.
It might be happened in process of manufacture.
or It can be got shocted during delivery.

Please contact the seller.
They will help you and the product.

Thank you.

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