Questions by mike2009-12-09
ND 2300 doesn't work with Windows 7
someone has this problem

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Answer by NextoDI2009-12-11
We have already tested it.

and we checked that ND2300 works well with Windows7.

Thank you.
Answer by Noel2009-12-20
The only way to work with Win7 (x64 at least) is formatting the HDD from Windows in NTFS format. Then you'll get an HDD format error message when turning on your ND 2300. In this mode it is not possible to use it to save from CF. So, no, it does not work with WIN7 since ND2300 needs HDD to be formated in FAT32 mode.
NEXTODI please recheck your answer.
Answer by NextoDI2009-12-28
Window 7 is compatibility with HDD formatted in FAT32 mode.
(As a external Device. ofcouse Windows 7 doesn't support FAT32 HDD as a Booting Disk)

and we have checked that Nexto Series(FAT32) operates as a external hard drive when connetting to PC.

Thank you.

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