Questions by Emm2009-11-08
Blank LCD Nexto DI
I Have a nexto DI. When I press the copy button the device starts - the lcd blue backlight comes on, i can hear the sound of the hard drive but the screen is blank. Even when I connect it to the PC I see the drive but nothing on the screen.

Any help is highly appreciated

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Answer by emm2009-11-08
Just to add - this is a nd2700
Answer by NextoDI2009-11-10
I think the device has a bad connection
between the LCD and the eletric curcuit.

It lools that it need a repair.
(or if you can, you should reconnect them.
the connection is clip tpye. you can do easy.)

Thank you
Answer by emm2009-11-10
Well the weird thing is when i press the reset and the copy button the lcd shows the firmware upgrade msg. Do you still think it is a bad connection? I cannot open the device as there is sticker saying warranty void if removed.

Also the device lets me copy etc if I remember the key strokes.
What number do I call to get it serviced?
Answer by NextoDI2009-11-11
Please reinstall the firmware.

after that, If it doesn't work, please contact the seller.
they give you the warranty.
Answer by barryfm2009-11-14
if you are in the United States please contact me at so we can get your unit repaired

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