Questions by yano2009-11-04
nexto DI 2500 not appear on macintosh running mac osx 10.5 leopard
hi there,

any upgrade or update for mac driver working a nexto DI 2500 series?
the nexto ddi not appear on my finder and i cannot browse folder and file on it.

thanks a lot


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Answer by Kim2009-11-04
Is your question related to the ND2500 or NVS2500 and how do you connect Nexto device to your Mac, Is it via USB, firewire? I have Macbook Pro and had no mount issues with Nexto devices. What I'm sure is that you don't need to install any drivers.
Answer by NextoDI2009-11-06
ND2500 is not compatible with Mac 10.5 via USB.
(we are not sure whether a new firmware release or not.)

But we checked they are compatible via firewire.
Please use firewire connection.
Answer by Josh2009-11-21
My Nexto extreme ND2700 is not recognized by my Mac OS X 10.5.8. What do I do to use it with my computer?
Answer by Leo2010-01-26
I just bought a Nexto extreme ND2700 and via USB it doesn't show up on the desktop or system profiler.
What to do??
Answer by leo2010-01-26
Nexto ND2700 and Mac OS X 1.5.8 is now working for me. I had to redo the USB cable a couple times. Sequence of starting Nexto first and then attach cable is important.

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