Questions by Dan2009-10-22
Error 0x009C with brand new hard drive & ND2700

I just bought Nexto extreme and new WD3200BEKT 320GB 7200 RPM HD.

I run a HDD quick test and it gave me Error 0x009C, please change HDD.

The HDD is brand new. Is this HDD compatible with nexto exteme?


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Answer by NextoDI2009-10-27
WD hard drive sometimes make an error when it operates with ND2700. we suggest using aother brand hard drive.

'quick test' is supported by hard drive (itself).
you should test more and if it has an error, please excange the hard drive.

Thank you
Answer by Dan2009-10-27
I run check via window CHKDSK and it has nothing wrong.

Your nexto is not compatible with WD HD, just admit it then people wont buy the wrong HD again.
Answer by Jim2009-11-03
I saw this notice,

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