Questions by Jason2009-10-19
HDD Compatibility SATA/PATA question
I am looking into purchasing a Nexto Ultra 2525. Question I have is, I have a WD160BEVS SATA Harddrive that was swapped out of my laptop. From the manual and specification on the Ultra, it only show that's it's compatible with a PATA drive, in that case, the model from above will not work with the Ultra?

Assuming It does work with the model. Is WD160BEVS not a good choice for your product?

Please kindly advice ASAP. Will want to get the order done, as a big job is coming up.

Thanks you very much!!


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Answer by NextoDI2009-10-20
Dear Jason

You can't use SATA hard drive for ND2525.
ND2525 only operates with 2.5inch PATA hard drive.

And We don't suggest using Western Digital hard drive.
It works but sometimes it shows an error.

Please use others brand hard drives.
(seagate, hitachi, fujichu...etc)

Thank you
Answer by jason2009-10-20
Thanks for the reply!!!

Why the ND2525 only support a PATA drive?
I find that it's kind of hard to find PATA drive now.

Most computer store only offers SATA drive now.

Thanks again NextoDI.
Answer by NextoDI2009-10-27
When the ND2525 produced, there is olny PATA hard drive.
(SATA hard drive is released later)

so ND2525 can't operate with SATA drive.

Thank you
Answer by isn4i2009-11-01
Can the 2525 takes on a 320GB drive
Answer by kim2009-11-03
I thought the ND2525 has been discontinued a few years ago. So, people buy ND2700 instead~!

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