Questions by Javi2009-10-08
Error "Now Booting" Nexto OTG
Hello. I have a problem with my Next OTG.
Unplug the USB cable before completing the copy of a file.
Now does not start. Just put "Now Booting". Nor can I update the firmware. What can I do?.

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Answer by NextoDI2009-10-08
Dear Javi

Please reintall the firmware.

Please read the firmware manual (pdf file) and than install it.

Thank you.
Answer by Javi2009-10-08
The computer does not recognize the Nexto in any way when trying to update and upgrade the firmware application fails because it does not find. (Sorry for my English)
Answer by Javi2009-10-08
I managed to install the firmware, but when you start saying "no HD" and makes a beep-beep "continued for several seconds

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