Questions by george Lewbel2009-10-03
Flip UltraHD video recorder and OTG -- will it work?
Hello. I'm thinking of buying one of those little Flip cameras that only has a male USB connector and an HDMI port. Do you know if the Flip is compatible with the Nexto 2700 so that video clips can be transferred to the Nexto via the OTG cable?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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Answer by NextoDI2009-10-08

ND2700 supports backing up using OTG function via USB connection.

But we haven't yet tested the compaibility with flip cameras.
If you want to purchase one, please first test it.

We will try to test it, and announce it ASAP

Thank you.
Answer by Chiarascuro2010-12-07
I have tried the FLIP with the Nexto 2700 and find that it will backup the files from the Flip. The problem is that it backsup the entire disc on the Flip even though my movie is only 5.7mb. I tried many workarounds for this and cannot get it to copy only the one movie I have on the Flip.

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