Questions by Ken2009-09-30
Can I charge with USB power adapter?
Can I safely charge My Nexto Extreme ND2700 with a regular USB power adapter (for example: )?

Or will the ND2700 attempt to do something over the USB cable, like copy or sync files?

Also, can I charge with a USB cable while copying from a memory card?



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Answer by NextoDI2009-10-01
you can charge the ND2700 via USB connection with PC.

but ND2700 can't be charged via USB connection while it operates.

you can download a menual for ND2700 here

Thnak you
Answer by Mobile-Save2009-11-08
I saw the picture. It is a USB Wall charger, right? While I have not try that kind of charging device, I think it will work.

As NEXTODI said, it will only charge while the Nexto is turned off. There is no reason why you would want to connect it while turned on, right?
Answer by rgibbons2009-11-13
I have used similar USB power source to charge my Nexto Extreme, they work well.


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