Questions by BOB2009-09-24
NextoDi Extreme - car charger
I bought NextoDi eXtreme (and i am more than happy). Quick question. Do you have "official car charger"? If not, can I use my TomTom USB cable (it is "standard" usb cable - so i should be able to charge via USB. Other solution is to buy of eBay.

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Answer by NextoDI2009-09-25
We have "car charger",
but it is hard to purchase one from us.
if you want to purchase car charger, please check the out voltage. you can use "5v" charger for Nexto eXtreme.

and also Nexto eXtreme can be charged via USB.
(you have to turn off the Nexto eXtreme when charging.

Thank you
Answer by barryfm2009-09-26
Bob if you are in the US check out our website for a list of dealers in the United States. They have for sale the Nexto car charger

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