Questions by EB-12009-09-08
Capacity bug in ND-2700!
I am having problems with the 640GB Seagate drive in the ND-2700. At some point after the automatic capacity check runs (the spinning icon), the displayed space left is ~512GB less than actual. I.e., if ~38 GB of files are on the drive, then it reads only 46GB free after the auto check. Before that the capacity was *558GB (asterisk up front). I am hoping that there may be a simple firmware fix. (Has the ND-2700 been tested with >500Gb drives?) I am using v1.06 on three of the ND-2700, which all experience the same problem. I just spent $500 on 3x640GB drives to upgrade from 500GB each for a trip in three weeks, so this is major concern. Thanks for any help.

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Answer by NextoDI2009-09-11
We haven't tested the compatibility yet.

After testing ASAP, we will anounce the result and solution.

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