Questions by Carlo Brummer2009-08-08
Format HDD Format not compatible and X-Copy NOT available
My ND2300 OTG Xpress v 1.07 gives the following message after start-up: Disc Format Error. It gives me the following options (S) Continue of (L) After pressing (S) it gives the message Format HDD Format not compatible and X-Copy NOT available. I have valuable photographic data on the disk. How can I retrieve it. Please advise. Regards, CB

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Answer by NEXTODI2009-08-10
It can be happend when FAT (file structure system)code get damageed.
But there are all files in the hard, even though you format it.

You can recovery all the photos/files from the disk by connecting it directly via usb adapter (with no Nexto between) and used the GetDataBackFAT software.

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