Questions by timescapes2009-08-01
Not Charging
I have a NExto 2700 Extreme, and all of a sudden it will not charge. I plug it into wall sockets, and the red light comes on for several seconds and then blinks off. Sometimes, it will come on for a few seconds randomly, then go off again. I cannot start the unit because it says "Low Battery" then shuts off.

I absolutely RELY on this unit in the field, and I am in the field shooting right now! I need a fix for this ASAP.

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Answer by NEXTODI2009-08-03
Can you turn it on when it connects with wall socket?
It has to operates while connecting to wall socket.
If it still doesn't work, the AC adapter might be broken,
or ND2700 has problem in DC-DC curcuits.

-> It hard to fix it as a user.

Please check the charger lamp. (with USB cable)
it also can be charged with USB cable.
If you can charge ND2700 in this case, the AC adapter might be broken

-> you should try to connect another AC adapter(5V)
Answer by barryfm2009-08-08
Have you been able to get a charge from the USB socket? Using the back ports on the PC or directly from the computer for MAC? If you are still having issues, you may contact me at 800-999-1984 x231 as I work for NextoDiUSA the US distributor for NEXTO

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