Questions by Nace2007-06-20
Nexto 2300 OTG
I bought this unit and disk WD800BEVE.

When I turn on nexto, it first shows up its version and to press L for OFF, then it beps bbiibbbiiiiiiiiiiiiii and says No HDD, although HDD is installed.

Is maybe HDD imcompatibily?

Regards, Nace

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Answer by NextoDI2007-06-21
Western Digital WD BEVE series HDD has not compatibility with our whole Nexto series.
So far, only WD1600BEVE is known for not matching with Nexto but recently we found that whole BEVE sereis is same as WD1600BEVE.

So DO NOT USE WD BEVE series with Nexto.

That series has a bug on cable selected master/slave selection, so Nexto cannot recognize it.
WD1200VE or other Western Digital HDDs are OK. Just that model have that bug.

It is the first case that has not compatibility
Answer by Nace2007-06-21
Do you have any information.. Is any Seagate ok?

A will replace my WD with Seagate ST980815A 80GB.

Will it be ok?
Answer by Alexey2007-06-22
I just installed ST980825A to my Nexto 2300 OTG it works fine so far.
Answer by NextoDI2007-06-22
There is no compatible issue except WD BEVE series.
Answer by biswasg2007-08-11
Is the Samsung drive compatible with Nexto OTG 2300

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