Questions by Casper2009-07-16
Nexto 2500 disk error...

My Nexto DI 2500 suddenly stopped working and I got the message: Disk format error.

I tried to connect the hdd directly to my computer, but no luck.

It seems like I have to format the hdd. But then I want to know - what does least damage to the disk, so I can run a SanDiskProRecovery afterwards? Format it using the nexto one-button-format or by using windows xp quick format?

I got thousands of photos on it I can't be without :-(

Please help in a hurry and thanks for a great product (first error in 3 years of heavily use).

Regards Casper,

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Answer by NEXTODI2009-07-16
Hard-Disk has to have File structure system to operate with PC(windowx or Mac, etc..)
The file structure system also stats in Hard-Disk.

It means that the system can be dammaged, like a dammaged files.

It may be caused bad sectors, or the magnetism was died.
(all datas are saved as magnetism on a platter(looks like a CD)

If you correct the FAT system code rightfully, you may can get the photos from the Hard-Disk.
But it is hard work for a user.

So, if you want to really save the files, you should contact to a company which works for it.(data saving, or recovery)
(This way needs some money for recovery)

and NEXTO products operates with 2.5 inch Hard-Disk (formatted as FAT32)
Windows xp formats Hard-Disk(more than 32GB) as only NTSF system.

so, If you want to format it, you have to use the Nexto one-burron-format.

Thank you for using our Product for 3 years.
I wish you have a nice day :-)
Answer by Casper2009-07-16
Thanks for quick reply. I'll try to make a clone byte for byte first and then trying format through Nexto.
Hope it works :)
Answer by casper wandel2009-07-21
Just want to share my solution:
I can now tell, that I recovered all the photos/files from the disk by connecting it directly via usb adapter (with no Nexto between) and used the GetDataBackFAT software.

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