Questions by Paul Gerritsen2009-07-10
HDD Not Compatible

My Nexto-M1 (v 1.07) worked well. Now I tried the whole memory of the HDD emptying. 2 files I could not remove. So I formatted the memory. Now I can not use Nexto M1.

The following messages appeared

Disk Format Error
S Continue
L Format

HDD Format Not Compatible

X-Copy NOT Available
L Off

Re-formatting does not work with FAT32. I can only choose NTSF choose.

How to solve this?

Thanks in advance.


A satisfied user from the Netherlands

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Answer by NEXTODI2009-07-10
NEXTO series operats with Hard-Disk fommatted FAT32.

Disk Format Error
S Continue
L Format

in this step, if you want to format it, please push the button long.

Windows supports only NTFS with more than 30GB.

When you forrmat it, please do it with format function NEXTO has.

and the Hard-Disk looks like that it has bad sectors.
you should check it with checking util.

Have a nice day

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