Questions by Johnson Lau2009-07-06
Does ND2300 supoort large size storage card?
Does ND2300 supoort 8GB/16GB CF cards?

Also, does it support SDHC cards through OTG?

Thank you!

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Answer by NEXTODI2009-07-06
Yes, it does. it supports 8/16GB cards.

and ND2300 doesn't have SDHC slot.
so you have to use SD to usb adapter.
and it depends on if the adapter supports SDHC or not.

if the adapter supports SDHC, ND2300 is also compatible with the SDHC,
and if not, ND2300 isn't compatible with the SDHC.

Have a nice day.
Answer by Johnson Lau2009-07-06

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