Questions by SORA2009-07-06
fail:h2061 ? it dosent work
I am a Korean
I am in Sicilia, Italy.
I use Sony A 350 Dslr.

It dosent work.


remove CF

how can i do?

please send a email or

it s better for me to call me

my phone number is 010 2078 7803

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Answer by NEXTODI2009-07-07
If the Hard-Disk has bad sectors, It can be happend.
Please check the Hard-Disk if it has bad sectors or not.

Please back up everything from NEXTO to Laptop (or PC)
and than format it (not PC, NEXTO has format function.)

and than retry backing up from memory card again.
Answer by Sora2009-07-08
How can I check the hard-Disk?
Answer by NEXTODI2009-07-09
Did you bring a laptop from Korea?
If it connects online, you should visit our Korean web site.
you can download the util here.

but if you can't see any Korean, you have to find the util.

I think you can find it as words; HDD, badsector, badblocks, check, etc...

you also can call us, 031-303-5370(Koran)

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