Questions by rgibbons2009-07-02
New Canon Video not supported by Nexto Extreme
I purchased the new Canon VIXIA HG21 AVCHD 120 GB HDD Camcorder, and the Nexto Extreme. They don't work together for USB OTG, for backing up videos from the hard disk; is there a planned update for your software?

The camera does backup photos when it is set to view photos; but when set to view videos, the Nexto says unsupported USB device. In order to make backups of videos, I need to select each file individually on the Canon, copy to the SDHC card on the Canon, then insert the SDHC card into the Nexto Extreme. This is a slow process that takes about an hour of manual work.

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Answer by NEXTODI2009-07-02
Have you used 'sync' mode ND2700 supported?
When ND2700 connects with Device, it operates as a Host.
and when ND2700 connects with Host, it operates as a Device.

Does the camcordar have 'OTG' function?
If so, when ND2700 connects with the camcorder, It might have an error.
In this case, you can use 'sync' mode to make ND2700 as a Host.(or Device)

If the cam doesn't have 'OTG', they might not be compatible.

now days, we don't have any plan about updating to new version.
(Becuase of NVS2500 comming out)
Answer by rgibbons2009-07-04
The Sync mode also gives the same error code X00C0, Unsupported USB. I thought the Nexto manual said the USB drive had to have the directory named NEXTO, which Canon doesn't use for storing data.

The Camcorder Manual doesn't mention the word OTG, but you do list older Canon Camcorders as working with the Nexto devices.

Answer by NEXTODI2009-07-09

you can download a file about compatiblity.

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