Questions by Jacky Yong2009-05-28
Bulging internal battery, need to change?
Recently the average battery life after a full charge on my ND2325 has diminished significantly. I suspected that the internal battery is giving up on me. So I opened up the casing and to my surprise, the battery pack is seriously bloated with air!

I use an external battery pack often. Therefore the issue of the battery life is not a big issue for me. However looking at the bulging battery, I am concerned that it will burst and cause a fire (and in the process destroy all the data in my hard disk!)

So my question is, should the internal battery be changed, even though I am using the external battery more often?

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Answer by NEXTODI2009-05-29
Yes. you should change the internal battery.
the battery used long time can be bloated.
If the battery is used more time, it can make the product burn.
Answer by Mark2009-06-13
I have the same problem and live in the UK, where can these batteries be sourced from?
Answer by Guy Swarbrick2009-10-13
I have the same problem with my ND2525 here in the UK- and my external battery is dead! I'd love to get it working again from one or the other.

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