Questions by Goood2009-05-26
More than 32Go ?

Does your ND2700 can use a big partition (more than 32Go) ?

I can format a FAT32 disk over 32Go with a tool (8Tio in théoric, 2Tio in practice).
If i format like this my 500Go disk, does your ND2700 can use all my 500Go disk ?

My problem is to save my 16Go SD cardS.
Y no wanted a disk for only 2 uses, but for all my holidays ;-)


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Answer by NEXTODI2009-05-26
There is a fuction to format HDD in ND2700.
Please format your HDD with ND2700, (not PC)

You should check the manual.

Thank you.
Answer by goood2009-05-27

If you don't want to answer, justs no post !
I explained in 3 different ways what i mean.
I haven't manual because i haven't ND2700 yet.
I wrote "Your ND2700" not mine.
I talk about "wanted a disk",
but may be my English is not correct.
Answer by NEXTODI2009-05-27
If the HDD was formatted with FAT32, ND2700 can use it.(regardless capacity)

there are two ways to format HDD over 32G.
1. format it with a tool as you wrote
2. use format-function that ND2700 is supported.

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