Questions by Ron van Elst2009-05-18
Unsupported CF card error
Just received my second ND2700 (first was DOA). This unit won't let me read ANY CF card. I am 4 days away from a camping trip. It says error 0x00015...

What's wrong? Please help ASAP.

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Answer by Ron van Elst2009-05-18
CF cards were sandisk Extreme III 2,4 and 8gb. The error is 0x0015.
Answer by NEXTODI2009-05-19
It might be a problem from old version IC chip.
after upgrade new firmware(1.07), if you still can't make backing up, you have to make it repaired.
Answer by Ron van Elst2009-05-20
It turned out to be a faulty unit again. Upgrading to firmware 1.07 did not help. After exchanging the unit the third unit finally works. Nerve wrecking stuff 2 days before my 4-week trip to Finland.

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