Questions by ankro2009-05-18
NTFS or other Filesystem on Nexto eXtreme
Is there a Chance, that in a further Firmware Update, the Nexto eXtreme supports NTFS or ext2 or any other Filesystem that supports more than 4 GB per File. I Have much uncompressed HDV Camcorder Videos, that are all over 4 GB.

I know that i can format the internal HDD with NTFS or anything else, but then the internal OS and Storagecard Function didn't work ...

Greets from Germany

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Answer by NEXTODI2009-05-19
all products are based on FAT32.
We can't change the file system.
changing File system, it means that we have to change all thing.

NTFS is also good system.(more than 4g, high security..)
but it is more complicated.
it spend more time than FAT32 during backing up.

so we thought that NTFS is't compatible for PSD.

I'm going to tell R&D about this problem.

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