Questions by to-mas2009-05-12
Bad block on WD WD3200BEKT HDD due using in NEXTO 2700
I recently bought NEXTO EXTREME 2700 and put my WD WD3200BEKT
2,5inch HDD disk 320gb 7200speed in it. As with all new gadgets I start some testing first , before I start to use them in real conditions. I did some copying from CF,verification etc and was pleased with the speed of ND 2700. But after basic test I tried to copy in the field while making small movements a shocks to the unit. To my surprise I got COPY FAILED error (if I remember correctly it was ERROR 0001c ).So I tried to do small self test for HDD and got error 0009x saying that I should change a HDD for safe using. Than I took out the disk and put it in my desktop. After few tests with different softwares I found a bad blocs on the harddrive.
I was using this hdd for 3 months in desktop and didn't have any problem with it so it has to be due using it in Nexto unit. I was googling and I found that this WD disk doesn't have a Free Fall Sensor.
Anyway, I sent HDD for an exchange as it is in warranty and I would like to exchange it for another type.I want to ask if Nexto 2700 has problems with all types of WD disk or just the older types? thanks


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Answer by NEXTODI2009-05-12
If HDD have bad sectors, It means that the HDD got physical damage. Please use it carefully while it's operating.
When ND2700 came out, there was a problem with WD HDD. but now, it's no matter(by new firmware),
but we don't suggerst using WD HDD.
Because WD HDD isn't verified in shaking.(We've tested it continually)

Thank you for using our product.

Thank you.
Answer by to-mas2009-05-14
Ok, I try to exchange it for another type.
Anyway,I think you should have this writen on main site about the product.

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