Questions by REBOUR2009-04-28
AC/DC for ND2300 and ND2700... echange possible ?

I have a ND 2300 and a ND 2700.

Output of AC/DC provided for ND2300 is 5V/2A
Output of AC/DC provided for ND2700 is 5V/1A

Product look so similar, I thought I could use each or one single AC/DC for ND 2300 and 2700 ...

Am i wrong ?
Will I be save I exchange AC/DC and Nexto products ?

Thanks for your help !

Thibaud Rebour

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Answer by NEXTODI2009-04-29
you can use both.

you should check only '5v'

Thank you
Answer by VMax2009-05-05
Will the 2700 charge up quicker with the 2300's 2A charger ?
Answer by NextoDI2009-05-07
The charge time is same for both ND2700 and ND2300.

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