Questions by REBOUR2009-04-17
Transcend 8GB 133x Compatibility

I am using your ND2300. Is it incompatible with Transcend 8GB 133x ?

What happens with this card ... and not with my 2GB from SanDisk is as follows:
When I move files ... after files copyed to Hard Drive, thay are not deleted...

Is this normal ?
Should this work with card having 8GB, 16GB or 32GB ?

best regards,

Thibaud Rebour

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Answer by NEXTODI2009-04-17
You can use it.
If the ND2300 has low firmware version, download new version to ND2300.

and what does it mean? you can't delete memory from ND? or Card?

or do you mean that about MOVE MODE?

There is no CF Memory that ND2300 doesn't support nowdays.
Answer by REBOUR2009-04-28
Indeed the new firmware has solved the problem,
Thanks ! :-)


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