Questions by HansU2009-04-11
ND2700 and Transcend CF 300x 8GB and 16GB
are the Transcend CF 8GB and 16 GB 300x cards compatible witht the ND2700 (FW 1.06)?

When I insert one of the cards I'm getting the error message
'MEM Error!'
'no memory'
and the device shuts down ...

Please halp as I'd like to use both, the ND2700 and the Transcend CF cards.

Regards, Hans.

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Answer by NEXTODI2009-04-13
Have you connexted them to computer with card reader?

If it works well, first, the CF back-up to computer and format them.
After that retry it.

If it doesn't work, the ND2700 is bad.
If so, you should take A/S.

Transcend CF 16GB 133X의 메모리를 카드리더기에 꽃아서 컴퓨터에 연결을 하시면 컴퓨터로 정상적으로 이동이 되면, ND2700 제품을 당사로 택배를이용하셔서 보내주셔야 합니다.
주소는 수원시 영통구 영통동 980-3 디지털엠파이어 E-702호
A/S 담당자 앞
Answer by NEXTODI2009-04-13
sorry you don't have to care Korean word.(After 6th line)
It is my mistake.
Answer by HansU2009-04-29

I've retested as you advised, still the same error.
But I wouln't say the device is bad as it works with all my other cards pefect (serveral Sandisk Extrem II, III, iV, Transcend 133x, sizes from 2 GB up to 16 GB).
Only the Trascend CF 300x don't work, so I assume, they have some different technology inside, which is not (yet?) supported by the ND2700 firmware.
Thanks, Hans
Answer by rufus2009-05-08
my ND2700 works with transcend 300x 16GB

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