Questions by Ombre2009-03-22
Xcopy failed 0x0063
I use a CF 8 Go in nexto extreme 2700. The CF is detected but it is impossible to copy files with a Xcopy error.

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Answer by have a nicr day2009-03-23
is it a "transcend" memory card?

have you done firmware your ND2700 up?

if so, you can make the ND2700 version up.
(you can down from this homepage)
Answer by ombre2009-03-25
I have done le update but it is the same problem.
Answer by NEXTODI2009-03-25
plz, check your HardDisk. if it has bad sectors, you can see that ; "Xcopy error."
Answer by ombre2009-03-26
The hard disk is new and has been formated three times including twice with the box in its most recent version.
Answer by NextoDI2009-03-27
Following is the questions.
1. Is that 8G CF detected well?
2. If you see X-copy error, then what's the error code?(four digit number). Or no error code at all?
3. Your CF may have format error. So format your CF at the PC(using card reader etc.) and test again.
4. ND2700 has self test mode. Refer to the manual and check the hard drive and CF with the native self test menu provided by ND2700. Then let us know the result.
Answer by NextoDI2009-03-27
0x0063 error means, Get_Cluster_Chain error.
So your hard drive or CF has format related problem on it.
FOrmat the CF and try again.

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