Questions by David2009-03-18
red charge light flashes - can't get it to reset and charge
As I understand it from the manual, if the unit is pluggeed in and the red light blinks - its not charging - its got some form of error.

our unit keeps blinking and we can not seem to stop it by unplugging and plugging it repeatedly - then randomnly it works ok.

I had a tech check the voltage out of charger - it appears correct to him.

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Answer by chris2009-03-18
I own Nexto drives, ND-2525 & ND-2700.And had no single failure. if you have troubles with Nexto drives, better to request RMA from where you bought it from in order them to check or repair it for you. THX
Answer by David2009-03-18
Sorry Chris - who are you? I certainly did not ask if you had any fualts with your equipment - Its not relevenat to our issue obvously.

Perhaps let Nexto answer the question. I suspect there is a simple reset function somewhere or a firmware patch
Answer by chris2009-03-19
Sorry D... I'm not answering your question, but I'm free to talk.
Answer by ankro2009-03-20
I'm also not Nexto, but i think you have a hdd problem.
Which drive do you use? If you have an other harddisk, try this.
And David - "who are you"? <-- This is no good community style ...
Answer by David2009-03-20
Sorry Ankro, that question to chris was a hang over from another thread with the same 'person'. I have had 'people' following me around the forum making fairly early implied statements that 'mines fantastic - you must be not so bright- cause mines fine' sort of concept. It just does not help sort out problems and in fact is quite rudely questioning and doubting what you are looking at.

I have offered to upload video to prove the scenarios, but that has never been responded to be these people of course.

Your response is a positive helpful response - thankyou.

Our company has had many issues with this new unit, and in reality I suspect that many will be the same source of problem. If I get an answer at one level it may resolve others. We have not judged the product badly at this stage - just the support channels.

We have tried different HDD already, but not in relation to the charge light problem - currently its a 7200rpm Seagate and the 2725 seems to eat it for breakfast with very fast backups - that part seems very nice now. Whats the connection there that you percieve?

Last night I nerviously pressed reset button on the base of the unit. I was nervous to do this without feedback first as it was what was used to install firmware as well. I had no feedback so just did it. So far its stopped flashing and theoretically is taking charge...... Lets see for a few days.
Answer by NextoDI2009-03-27
If the red LED blinks during not plugged, then it's not problem of charger portion.
If it blinks during power on state, then it may be problem of hard drive.

If it's the problem of charger
1) The red LED can blink during power off state if the internal battery not connected and power adapter plugged.
2) The red LED can blink if external battery has problem.
3) The Red LED can blink if the charger IC is broken. But in this case, the device cannot be charged at all.
4) The charger works only at P_Off stage, so if you see the red LED blinking during P_On state, then it may not be the problem of charger portion.

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