Questions by David2009-03-13
brand new unit internal batteryy goes flat without unit switched on
Is there any adice for a 2725 that is barand new that discharges its battery with the unit turned off? Its running 1.04d firmware.

I charge it over night and then get to that evening and its flat - has repeated 3 times now - so its consistent.

thanks in advance.

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Answer by have a nice day2009-03-16
can you turn it on with ac adapter?

or do you use the ac adapter that we gave when charging?

sometimes it doesn't work with another ac adapter.
(you can check the performance(ac, dc,w ...) of them
Answer by david2009-03-16
Standard supplied ac adapter - yes it appears to run fine if plugged into the wall.
Answer by david2009-03-17
Same test today and the unit stayed charged ?? not sure what this is about. Perhaps there was some form of error on charging which has reset itself - will check for same test tommorrow
Answer by chris2009-03-18
David, I think u're BIG creator!! If I had these problems, I would consult Nexto reseller where you bought it from and ask warranty check or repair. BUT I definitely wouldn't waste my time to diagnose these problems myself everyday.
Strangely enough, you don't want to fix problems but keep posting!!
Answer by David2009-03-18
yeah thats it "Chris" - I had spoken to the reseller when the unit arrived and gave 70 plus errors doing pretty well everything - with Nexto support help we have resoved some of these, but there are many oddnesses. the reseller convinced our company to wait for a week to see if Support could provide some support or solutions before providing a full refund. At this stage we have had a few wins... but quite a lot to get through still.

If there is a perception that posting legitimate concerns is incorrect then I have to question the legitimacy of this forum. I am quite happy to have 'off-air' communications as well. I asure you there is no showboating - I just want to get more information so we can move forward in a positive fashion.
Answer by Chris2009-03-19
Oh, I see~~~ you've upset because of no full refund from the reseller. YOU know HOW I know your posts aren't genius, but created from your hard head spinning? because ur posting titles are so temptation as if you read from advertising and every post's title/headline occupy the full length all the time. You have a very good way of writing skill, that's a talent. I would better write something that makes people happy!! have a good day.
Answer by David2009-03-19
No chris - there is no genius. The topic is about the error or issue, there is nothing fabricated. I can post video of all these things somewhere if it clears my honour. Is there somewhere on the forum or directly to NExto I can upload the errors and issues so they can be visually witnessed??

We tend to use most of the functions of an item. In this case;

we only want it to charge, copy files from XDCAM and Sync to an external drive without a computer....all my testing was done at great cost to me as I was very hopeful for a positive outcome.

I bought external drive after external drive so as to 'stumble on compatible solutions'.

Our grief with this product initially was due to it being delivered with an incompatable drive. (nothing to do with me) We just want more information so that we CAN make it all work or perhaps a firmware patch to resolve some bugs.

the charging issue we are having just adds frustration and is getting in the way.

But a supprt response would have been better as opposed to a judgement against us.
Answer by David2009-03-19
NOt sure what to think about this fault - it has not manifested for about 4 days...

perhaps this gremlin is actually gone??? Any advise on managing this is still appreciated however (in case of a reoccurance)

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