Questions by Mark_Q2009-03-09
Nexto OTG ND 2300 won't charge battery anymore
Also I do have charging problem with my Nexto OTG ND 2300, which I bought about a year ago. Now I'm on holiday travel abroad and can't backup my CF cards as battery is empty (so does the 2300 tell me). As I connect the adapter the charging light won't turn on as it did earlier. If I turn ND 2300 on while it's connected to wall socket, quite soon the empty battery icon appears and 2300 turns itself off. How likely is this a matter of bad internal battery? Could there be other reasons? Very little used, never dropped or anything. Now I'm in crisis!

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Answer by nextodi2009-03-09
Li-Poly battery is not used for a constancy.

and also the battery is used while you don't use it.(T.T)

I think that your ND 2300 needs new internal battery.
Answer by R&D2009-03-09
If ND2300 turn off because of low battery even if it is connected to the power adapter(i.e. wall socket), then it may be the problem of power adapter.
ND2300 designed to always work when power adapter is connected.
ND2300 also can be charged by USB connection.
So power off ND2300 and connect it to PC using USB and check if the charge LED lid.
If it charges, then the power adapter is wrong. Pls check if the power adapter is the one provided with the ND2300.
It should be 5V output power supply.
Answer by Mark_Q2009-03-09
@ R&D
Thank you so much for your detailed help! Indeed I borrowed an USB cable and found out that my ND2300 works as it should. Good news are that it can be charged via USB too. Yes, my adaper is the original, so it must be broken. Your help saved me and my holiday trip to Germany, thank you again!
Answer by Mark_Q2009-03-10
I'm pleased to confirm that the new adapter that arrived today is working well, the charging LED turns on when connected to wall socket. Thank you again!

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