Questions by David2009-03-08
error on sync/copy to/from wd passport both directons 2725
2725 sees wd passport when mains powered but

otg error! connect fail when sync or copy to external drive
'unexpected otg, remove' when trying to sync or copy from passport to 2725

Any idea on this one...

seem to have no luck at all...

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Answer by R&D2009-03-09
First, check if USB memory or USB card reader can be detected correctly.
The USB host portion of ND2725 is designed for those device.
If it works well, then the USB host portion is OK.

Then the connection problem may comes from power distribution issue. Connect power adapter to both of device(ND2700 and wd passport). Then try again.
If possible, power up both device, then connect USB cable later.
Answer by david2009-03-09
I had tried all of the mentioned combinations prior to posting - in the EX1 camera test it negotiates via USB correctly - but fails to complete the copy - but not any of the drivesb tested
Answer by sarah2009-04-16
any answer yet?
same issue here with sony ex3 cam

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