Questions by jeremy2009-03-05
Nexto CF 2500 Battery and US AC Adapter
Hi all,

My battery for the 2500 cannot hold a good charge and so I wanted to replace it. I cannot find it anywhere in the US though. Is there somewhere I can obtain this? Also, I was looking to obtain a US version of the AC adapter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Answer by jeremy2009-03-05
Sorry, to clarify, the 2500 battery I'm referring to is internal and not external.
Answer by nextodi2009-03-09
actually we don't make the battery anymore.
but we have in stock.

you should know that ~

~ ND 2500 is the oldest product.
so the puction is low.
( you can back-up only 10G~20G in a battery.)

if you still want to buy it,
you can give us 60$ through 'paypal'
and than we're goning to send them( battery and AC adapter.)

Have a nice day!!
Answer by nextodi2009-03-09
paypal web site

our paypal mail-adress

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